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2015 - Barkus Roofus Maximus
13 1/2" , Tan & White, Smooth Coat
( Sweetbriar Grant Too X Shake N Bake Baby )
BAER & CERF Normal
PLL & SCA Normal
More photos of Barkus:
Barkus // Barkus 2
Barkus Roofus Maximus "Barkus" is Barkkadia's foundation stud dog, the one that began it all. Barkus is highly inteligent and has learned a few tricks- Fetch: Ball, Frizbe, and Retreval toy. Barkus is a love around the house - he thrives on being with people and loves attention. When Barkus stops playing in the yard and sets up naturally he has such a commanding presence - that "look at me" attitude. Barkus is extremely flexible and when he moves and jumps, he is gorgeous. Barkus is sweet and loves to give kisses."
Barkkadia Kennels, LLC.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.